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What I draw the most currently:

I shipped my version of Man in the Moon and Jack Frost now! *fanrolling*

I thought of a story for this ship when I was listening to You’re not sorry by Taylor Swift (Jack’s tribute to Manny) and Iris by Goo Goo Dolls (Kurt&Jake version) (Manny’s tribute to Jack).

The story started when the Man in the Moon saw a young man named Jack Overland for the first time having fun in the wood with his sister and others. The sight of Jack bringing laughter and joy to the children was captivating and heartwarming, and after years of watching, he fell in love with the young man’s spirit. When the day the Man in the Moon turned Jack into an immortal being chosen to become a guardian, allowing him to be able to speak to Jack, needless to say he was overjoyed. However due to Jack annoyance of him for not telling his life purpose, the Man in the Moon felt dejected and downhearted. Over centuries, Jack became rebellious towards him. The Man in the Moon was despairing, unable to get close to the person he loves who he thought hated him. However, despite what he believes, he will still love the young man for many years to come from afar. Watching over him spreading joy and laughter to the beloved children around the world.

Ugh I don’t do essay that well, so whatever I wrote above, hopefully are still readable. Anyway, so yeah, that’s how I see this ship. I will colour this piece eventually, for now, that’s that. Oh and by the way, if my version of Manny seems familiar, I admit that he was based on Fai D. Flowright from Tsubasa Chronicle. His facial type somehow suit the Manny role.

Oh by the way, it scares me to think no one ship this two since I couldn’t find the name of this ship. So … don’t hate me for this! *runs*

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